Welcome to TKO Designs: Designs Outside The Box.

I’m most comfortable in a creative and non traditional setting. I pride myself on being able to think and visualize outside the box, and it shows in my concepts, copy, and designs.

Even though I taught myself web design long before entering the Visual Communications/Multimedia program at Brown College , I am currently looking for some “real life” experience. I’ve been doing my own web design and designing for friends for about five years, and now I want to do it for you!

Being such a self motivated free spirit, I’m naturally drawn to freelancing. I really enjoy taking your idea and breathing creative life into it. People frequently compliment me on my choices in color and other details, and I must say taking bits and pieces and putting them together to make something amazing is extremely rewarding for me. Likewise, I really have a thing for words and enjoy helping you write your site’s copy.

Constantly thinking - and I mean my mind NEVER shuts off - I am also a critical thinker. I tend to look at “problems” as puzzles – with everything we need for a happily ever after picture cut up in front of us. I am a master puzzle solver and I’m good at identifying and finding that missing piece. And I’m thinking I may just be yours.

Please look around, and if you’d take a few minutes and send some feedback, that’d really help me as I continue to polish both my portfolio and presence.